New York City Handbag Essentials

by Alexandra Wilson
Not a handbag carrier? In NYC, a good bag to hold essentials is a must. {credit}
When I was younger, you would have never seen me carrying a handbag. Now that I live in NYC, however, leaving home without a bag makes me feel like something is missing. I personally tend to stick to the basics - as I hate lugging a giant tote around Manhattan - but no matter the size of the bag, here are the essentials every New York woman should carry.


18 Things You Must See When You Visit New York + 70 Gift Ideas from Across NYC + The Best Steaks in Town + More Linkage

by Tracy Kaler
Lincoln Center made the list of must-see attractions when visiting New York.
18 things you MUST see when you visit New York. {NYC}

The Big Apple boasts its share of amazing sunsets. Now, there's a sunset quality forecast for NYC. {Slate}

Do you have a favorite steak in town? {Bloomberg}


New York City's Top Holiday Kickoff Moments

by Tracy Kaler
When does the holiday season begin for you?
Officially, Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season. But here in New York, we have our own unique kickoff moments. If you're not a local, and you've not been in NYC during the holiday season (I highly recommend it!), you're probably not familiar with these festive occasions.


TV Shows That Depict What NYC Life Is Really Like

by Alexandra Wilson
In SATC, Carrie seemed to live the perfect NYC life. {credit}
We admit – not every New Yorker’s life is like Carrie Bradshaw's (though, we wish it was). Even though a list of movies, songs, and television shows depict living in New York – not many accurately depict what NYC life is really like. Looking for a TV show to speak the truth about NYC living?Here’s what to watch.


9 Things I’m Thankful For in NYC

by Lauren Malamala
It's important for us to remember what we're thankful for at the holidays, and all year long.
Thanksgiving is upon us, marking the beginning of the holiday season. This is my favorite time of year, and even though many sobering events are taking place around the world today, I can’t let that stop me from remembering the many privileges and blessings in my life. If anything, it’s more important now for all of us to remember what we’re thankful for.

8 Fun Facts About Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

by Tracy Kaler                                                                                                                   SPONSORED
It's that time of year again. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater will take the stage at City Center December 2 through January 3, for its 45th consecutive year. The energetic company blew me away when I saw them perform last December. You might remember my interview with dancer, Daniel Harder, which you can read here.  I'm going to see Ailey on December 10, and I can't wait.
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