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5 World-Renowned Companies Based in NYC

by Alexandra Wilson
Does it get any more "New York" than Macy's? {Via Flickr/ser_is_snarkish}

Unlike other cities in the United States, you can move to New York City to pursue a career in pretty much any industry – in one way or another, all of them are here. The city’s “work hard, play hard” atmosphere has helped create some of the world’s most recognizable businesses. Whether you already knew it or not, you’ve probably been a longtime customer of a business with New York origins. Check out these world-renowned companies based in NYC and see if any of your favorites made the list!

Falling in Love with Old Town, Stockholm

by Tracy Kaler
Sorry, New York. I cheated on you, but only for an afternoon. I wandered through Old Town Stockholm, and absolutely fell in love.

My First NYC Movie Screening was Absolutely Fabulous

by Lauren Malamala                                                                                       SPONSORED
Absolutely Fabulous is in theaters Friday!

Whenever I think back on my days in London, there's four things I always miss - British humor, terms of endearment ("Hello, sweetie darling"), London Fashion Week, and how a posh accent can make even the most inappropriate behavior seem glamorous. So when I was invited to my first NYC movie screening on Tuesday, I was thrilled that the film du jour was Absolutely Fabulous - a big screen adaptation of the iconic BBC sitcom from the nineties.

Stockholm's Eye for Fashion

by Tracy Kaler
I had no idea, but Stockholm is chic. And not just any chic, but rather, the city is chic without trying. In my opinion, the 'casual chic' style that I witnessed every day as I roamed the city is the best kind.

Best Upper East Side Lunch Spots

by Lauren Malamala
Head uptown to sample some of my favorite Upper East Side lunch spots. {Via Flickr/Angela N.}

Since I live on the Upper East Side and work from home, most of my food choices are within a two block radius of my apartment. Embarrassingly, anything further than that warrants a convenient online order via Seamless (which I justify by saying it saves me valuable work time). While the neighborhood may not have the most diverse array of restaurants, there's definitely a collection of tasty go-to joints that locals love to frequent. If you're in the area during the day, here are some of the best Upper East Side lunch spots.
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