A Back-to-School Shopping List for New York City Grown-Ups

by Lauren Malamala
Who cares if your school days are over –– celebrate the back-to-school season by shopping.
Fall is arguably the best time of year in New York City. The sweltering summer heat finally begins to fade into cooler temperatures, and it’s a great time to “reset” your goals so you can finish the year on a high note. Although the back-to-school season revolves around kids and their endless shopping lists of new school supplies, that doesn’t mean adults can’t join the fun. If you live in NYC, here’s a grown-up shopping list to celebrate autumn in New York and refresh your daily routine.

Dining Out in New York City: My Top 22 Manhattan Restaurants

by Tracy Kaler
Dining out is a quintessentially New York City pastime, but deciding where to go on any given night can get downright stressful considering the city boasts more than 24,000 eateries. 


How to Stay Sane When You Shack Up and Break Up + Dear New York... + Marching Topless in NYC + More Linkage

by Tracy Kaler
"Dear New York.... Will we work out?"
How to stay sane when you shack up and break up. {BrickUnderground}

"Dear New York.... " A letter to the city. {New York Times}

She marched topless in NYC and tells us all about it. {Hello Giggles}


Burger Battle: Jones Wood Foundry Vs. The Brindle Room

by Tracy Kaler
Best burgers NYC
What's my idea of a great burger? For the most part, I'm a purist. Usually, I like my burger simple, with sautéed or raw onions, ketchup, and sometimes a slice of cheese if I'm in the mood, and always medium rare.  I'm not one to do a crazy burger thing with a melange of toppings coating a perfectly cooked piece of beef.


Bogey and Me

by Tracy Kaler
Bogey is a NYC dog now.
The day we met was early November in 2009. Mike and I waited patiently for the truck to arrive in a parking lot with about 20 other adopters. The driver was more than 30 minutes late. Meanwhile, we were overflowing with heartfelt excitement, nervous energy, and anticipation. How quickly time has passed since that memorable day when we picked up our dog, Bogey. I can't believe it, but he'll be seven this fall.

The Perks of Working from Home in NYC

by Lauren Malamala
Working in a fast-paced office in the city isn't for everyone. {credit}
Working in a bustling New York City office can be exciting with fast-paced workdays, not to mention the camaraderie of co-workers. That type of environment, however, isn’t for everyone, and a plethora of locals have carved out a way to work remotely. Whether you’re self-employed, a freelancer, or have a position with a company offering a telecommute policy, there are several perks to working from home in NYC.
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