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Why Revisiting New York Is a Good Idea + 25 Things to Do This Winter + You're Not a Real New Yorker Until.... + More Linkage

by Tracy Kaler
Visit New York more than once and you'll experience a different city each time.
New York has many faces, and you'll experience a different city each time you visit. Why revisiting is a good idea.  {Yettio}

The city's four remaining phone booths on West End Avenue will soon be replaced. {West Side Rag}

9 of New York's Most Romantic Places

by Tracy Kaler
Grab your special someone and plan a date to one of New York's most romantic places. {credit}
New York often vies for the title of "Most Romantic City." Granted, Paris, London, and Venice –– among other metropolises ––can give the Big Apple a run for its money in the romance department. But still, more romcoms have been filmed in NYC than probably any other location, and there's a reason.

From Switzerland to NYC: For Kleenex and Central Park

by Lukas Schwarzenbacher and Mirjam Spörri
Interview by Tracy Kaler
Lukas Schwarzenbacher and Mirjam Spörri are a brother and sister team based in Winterthur, Switzerland. Each year they travel to a different city to take 12 photos as part of an art project for Islandart, their firm specializing in film, photo, web and graphics. And you guessed it, their latest venture brought them to New York City.

What to Look for When Apartment Hunting in NYC

by Alexandra Wilson
Know what you want and act fast. New York real estate moves at lightning speed.
Though life in New York City is great, NYC apartment hunting can suck.  Even if you’ve been scouring the ads and bouncing between brokers for weeks, finding an address to call home means you have to act fast – once you find the perfect place, the application and deposit process can be a whirlwind. Yes, New York real estate really does move at lightning speed.

Wine Week: Power Lunching at Quality Italian

by Tracy Kaler
Power lunches transpire each and every day within the walls of some of Manhattan's most reputable restaurants. Estiatorio Milos, Marea, and Le Bernardin immediately come to mind, but a decent list of New York's highly rated dining spots, mostly in Midtown, cater to the martini-chugging, steak-eating business crowd. Truth be told, as a blogger, I don't fit in too well with that circle, but that doesn't mean I can't splurge now and then and enjoy a grown-up lunch at some of these eloquent establishments.

9 Famous Romantic NYC Movie Scenes

by Lauren Malamala
This famous scene from You've Got Mail was shot at the 91st Street Garden in Riverside Park. {credit}
Love is in the air and despite its concrete façade, New York City can be quite a romantic place. It’s no wonder that so many romcoms and love stories are set in the Big Apple. Whether living here or not, singles and couples alike can celebrate the month of love by popping some corn and watching these movies with their famous romantic scenes – all, set in New York.
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