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10 Most Popular Blog Posts of the Year (so far)

by Tracy Kaler
I don't know about you, but I'm so looking forward to the long weekend. Our 16th wedding anniversary is on Saturday, and Mike and I will be celebrating in Montreal! He's been before, but this trip to the "City of Saints" will be my first.  I'm excited to tour the town, eat the food, and experience the culture while toasting the past 16 years and another 16 to come.

We'll be back here on the blog after Memorial Day, but here's a recap of our ten most popular blog posts of the year so far. Enjoy!

How to Have an Epic Night Out in NYC

by Lauren Malamala
Need some tried-and-true tips on how to have an epic night out in the city? Here you go...{via Julian Tung/Unsplash}
New York City is notorious for its nightlife. While some cities start winding down around midnight, a big chunk of NYC’s party crowd doesn’t even hit the clubs until 1 a.m. or later.  As someone who's had her fair share of wild nights out on the town, all of that drinking, dancing, and money spending can wear you down fast if you overdo it. If you’re in the mood for an occasional carefree night of partying, however, here are some tried-and-true tips for having an epic night out in NYC.

A Packing Guide for Your Summer Trip to New York City

by Tracy Kaler
Traveling to NYC this summer?  See my recommendations what to pack. {Photo credit}
Millions of visitors make their way to NYC each year, and the summer months remain some of the busiest for travel. From attending outdoor festivals to strolling through the city's well-maintained parks, there's an abundance of fun and fab things to do outside when warm weather arrives in the Big Apple. Beyond the obvious items such as tech (cell phone, iPad, camera, laptop, charges, etc), undergarments, sleep clothes, and your usual toiletries, you should carefully consider what goes in your suitcase. I'm sharing my packing guide, so you come well equipped to be both stylish and comfy during your summer stay in New York City.

11 Life Lessons I Learned My First Year in NYC

by Alexandra Wilson
Living in New York City is an incredibly unique experience – one that can’t be replicated in other cities.  Once you move to NYC and have lived here for a year, you’ll realize the things you've learned that define your new life. That was definitely true for me. Here are just some of the life lessons I learned my first year in NYC.

Best Midtown Bars for After-Work Drinks + How to Find A Roommate in New York + 10 Hidden Parks in the City + More

by Tracy Kaler
Biking in New York is a little better than it used to be. {Photo credit}
The best midtown bars for an after-work drink are... {Grub Street}

Biking in NYC kind of sucks for the riders and everyone else, but it's better than it used to be. {Thrillist}
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