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Shop Elizabeth Street: 6 Spree-Worthy Stores

by Lauren Malamala
Corner of Elizabeth and Spring Streets in NoLIta. {photo credit}
NoLIta (which stands for “North of Little Italy”) is a trendy NYC neighborhood brimming with shops, restaurants and caf├ęs. Many of the area’s most popular stores are located along Elizabeth Street, so if you’re in the area and looking for an afternoon shopping spree – even if you’re just browsing – here are six fantastic Elizabeth Street shops to visit along the way.

Tracy Talks About Traveling to Europe This Summer + Timing in NYC + Why This Blog Is Rewarding + More

by Stephanie Crocker
STEPHANIE                                                                                             TRACY
Today I'm back for another interview. Thanks, Tracy, for agreeing to do these Q & A sessions.  As you know, I find New York to be fascinating, as well as the people living in it. So, let's chat again. Me, in my house in Digby, Nova Scotia. You, in your apartment on the Upper West Side of New York City.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Bushwick, Brooklyn

Straight from the outer boroughs
by Alexandra Wilson
Roberta's pizza is some of the best pie you'll find anywhere in NYC. 
Before Vogue named it one of the world’s most stylish neighborhoods, Bushwick was, and still is an artistic, family-oriented area in Northern Brooklyn. Current residents have gravitated towards Bushwick due to its proximity to Williamsburg, (and cheap rent as compared to other parts of New York City), resulting in an influx of artists, renovated warehouse lofts, and artisanal coffee shops.

10 Best Rooftop Bars in New York + NYC Off the Beaten Path + Ruthless! Is Funniest Show Ever! + More

by Tracy Kaler
You can't beat cocktails with a view!
10 best rooftop bars in the city.  {Gothamist}

If I could interview any New Yorker right now, it would be this guy. {The Culture Trip}

As a PA girl, I know a good pretzel when I taste one. {CBS Local}

A Chat with Top NYC Travel Blogger Jessie Festa

Interview by Tracy Kaler
Jessie Festa decided to forgo the corporate job and set out to be a travel blogger. She is based in New York City but travels the world.
I'm excited to introduce one of New York City's top travel bloggers today. Jessica Festa has an inspiring story, and she's an excellent example of someone who's pursued her passion in NYC and is reaping the rewards. She knew early on that the corporate life wasn't for her, so she decided to go after what she really wanted –– to make a living as a travel blogger. Let's get straight to our chat.

Indulge Yourself at NYC's Best Ethnic Bakeries

by Tracy Kaler
Croissant? At Mille Feuille, you've come to the right place. {photo credit}
If you find it tough to walk around the Big Apple without indulging your sweet tooth or satisfying your carb craving, rest assured, you're not alone. (Millions of others are right there with you.) There's no doubt that the city is overflowing with trendy cupcake stores, but we can't forget about New York City's more traditional bake shops. These local favorites produce pounds of sugary treats and wholesome baked goods for New Yorkers and tourists alike. In fact, where would sweetaholics be without NYC's best ethnic bakeries?

What to Do in New York on a Rainy Day

by Tracy Kaler
NYC isn't quite as romantic in the rain. {photo credit}
Let's face it –– New York loses an inch of its romance when the weather is crappy. I'll be the first to admit that I hibernate when arctic air takes over Gotham, or a damp, rainy day headlines the forecast. Luckily, this city offers a host of indoor activities that can be almost as much fun as exploring the streets of Williamsburg, touring major sights, or decompressing in Central Park, all of which are more apropos when the sun is shining, and the temperature exceeds 50 degrees. Since Mother Nature doesn't cooperate 24/7, let's take a look at what to do in NYC on a rainy day.

A Manhattan Picnic Guide: Where to Go and What to Pack

by Lauren Malamala
Central Park is the obvious choice for an outdoor meal, but the city offers a list of lovely places for a picnic lunch.
Once the warmer months return, New York City is the perfect place to have a picnic. Rather than packing and schlepping an enormous basket with dishes and silverware (although it can be fun to go the more traditional route once in a while), NYC is full of restaurants, bakeries, and delicatessens with a wide range of delicious to-go options. Of course, Central Park is an obvious choice for an outdoor meal, but here are five alternative Manhattan picnic spots and where to shop for your al fresco foodstuffs.

Admiring NYC's Urban Forest + Give a Special Gift from Treedom {#WhyNotATree}

by Tracy Kaler                                                                                                                   SPONSORED
Trees Central Park NYC
New York's urban forest is spectacular. 
We might not think of the concrete jungle as very green or environmentally friendly, but unbelievably, NYC has more than five million trees, and 592,000 of those trees live and grow on city streets. That's impressive....
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