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10 Best Affordable Hotels in NYC + Avoid the Freaks on Craigslist When Roommate Shopping + Best Wine Shops in New York + More

by Tracy Kaler
See the Macy's fireworks on July 4th. {via Sarah Ackerman/Flickr}

10 things you can do in New York on July 4th. {I Love NY}

Explore NYC on a budget –– 10 best affordable hotels. {The Guardian}

Here's a new NYC park worth checking out. {Untapped Cities}

A city home in Brooklyn takes on a country log cabin feel. {A Cup of Jo}

I adore Caffe Vivaldi and wrote about a piano concert I attended last year. Let's keep this West Village institution right where it belongs. {Jeremiah's Vanishing New York}
Roommate shopping? Avoid the freaks on Craigslist. {BrickUnderground}

One of my favorite Broadway  musicals of all time is scheduled to close in January. See it before then! {Playbill}

The best wine shops in New York City are..... {GrubStreet}

The Bowery Boys talk about their travel guide, Adventures in Old New York, a companion to their award-winning podcast. {DNAinfo}

American girl style vs. French girl style...very funny!  (I'm taking notes for my trip to Paris next month!) {Vogue}
This New York girl will visit Paris next month! {via Cristian Bortes/Flickr}

Are you a French speaker who loves NYC? Order my 48-hour New York Guide (in French) on Amazon.  The guide will be published in English next year. :)

How to Look Impossibly Chic in NYC at All Times

by Lauren Malamala
New York City is filled with stylish people. {via Flickr/Susan NYC}

As one of the world's fashion capitals, it's no surprise that New York City is filled with well-dressed individuals who always look like they just stepped off the cover of some glossy magazine. Even when an off-duty supermodel is spotted on her way to the gym, she still looks incredibly chic. For the rest of us, whose jobs don't involve looking perfect 24/7, finding the time and extra energy to create the perfect ensemble every time we leave our apartments isn't a realistic expectation. Here are some easy tips to look stylish in NYC at all times.

Where to Take Your Dog in NYC

by Tracy Kaler
New York city is a town of dogs and dog lovers.
It's a dog's world in New York City, and there's a laundry list of dog-friendly places –– think doggie daycares, spas, boutiques, and even a beach –– where Fido can tag along. That's a good thing because pups of all breeds, shapes, and sizes populate the five boroughs. In fact, according to NYEDC, approximately 600,000 canines live in the Big Apple. That's an awful lot of barks.

Dream Big in NYC and Beyond

by Lauren Malamala                                                                                                      SPONSORED
New York City, despite all its changes and increasing hardships, is still a city of dreamers. From entrepreneurs to aspiring artists, anyone who “thinks big” is in good company when living in the Big Apple. But even in the best of circumstances, thoughts of doubt can seep in and it’s not uncommon for fear to rear its ugly head when we’re trying to reach our goals. For females alone, it was found – via the first Global Dreams Index Survey – that half of all women around the world are dissatisfied with their lives and have given up on their dreams. That’s quite a staggering percentage.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Life in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Straight from the outer boroughs
by Tracy Kaler
photos by Eric Barao
When you step off the G train at the Greenpoint/Manhattan Avenue stop, you'll detect a slower pace than what you'd find across the river. Residents who call this neighborhood home love the laid-back vibe, not to mention the mom-and-pop businesses, particularly the selection of Polish-owned shops that remain. You are in New York City, but definitely not in Manhattan any longer. Welcome to Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
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