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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gramercy Tavern's Howard Kalachnikoff Dishes About Vegetables, Lobster, and His Hometown

A chat with a fascinating New Yorker
by Tracy Kaler

Chef Howard Kalachnikoff is at home in New York and in the kitchen.

New York native Howard Kalachnikoff had no intention of becoming a chef, but his love of food called him into the kitchen following a nine-year career in the record industry. After graduating from the French Culinary Institute and refining his craft at Savoy and other Manhattan restaurants, the chef began his tenure at Gramercy Tavern in 2009 as a line cook, followed by Sous Chef, and finally, Executive Sous Chef.

You will find Chef Kalachnikoff at the tavern on a daily basis where his duties run the gamut, and his days keep him busy. He usually arrives in the morning, reviews kitchen notes with the Gramercy team, creates special menus, and works on new recipes like the dish for the First Annual Lobster de Mayo, which will take place on May 10 at Capitale. 

Gramercy Tavern is one of select fine dining establishments involved in the lobster extravaganza, which is organized by leading Maine lobster purveyor, Homarus, partner to Gramercy as well as a plethora of other topnotch NYC restaurants. The four-hour party will feature incredible food, drink, music, and a silent auction to benefit City Harvest, a food rescue organization dedicated to fighting hunger in New York's five boroughs.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Hats on to You, New York!

by Tracy Kaler

Linda Pagan and I pose in our Sunday hats at The Hat Shop in SoHo.

"Leave everyone wondering which is the more interesting piece of work... you or your hat." --Unknown

I hated hats as a child. My mother has a video of me sporting a hat –– probably at the age of about two years old –– then tearing it off my head and tossing it to the ground. I think I cried while doing it, too. (Not sure if I cried because I was mad about wearing a hat, or because I realized my head was cold without it.)

As I grew older, I developed an affinity for hats of all kinds. I can't remember exactly when this started, but I believe there was a random moment when I looked at myself wearing a hat as an adult, and thought, "I look okay in this." And then one day I decided that I was undoubtedly a hat person, and my love for hats only blossomed from there.

Friday, April 11, 2014

What to Expect and How to Act in an NYC Bar

by Mike Kaler

Sure, you want that beer, but wait –– patiently. {credit}

I was out a few weeks ago with Ted Scofield (yes, that Ted Scofield, the author of Eat What You Kill, shameless plug, love ya Ted), and we saw the Off Broadway bio-drama about Bruce Lee, aptly titled Kung Fu. After the show, Ted and I stopped by a spot called Delta Grill on Ninth Avenue in Hell's Kitchen –– not a usual place for me, but it's a southern-inspired bar and restaurant with pretty good grub. Albeit fried and horrible for you, but the food tastes delicious.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Eating and Drinking Your Way through Kew Gardens, Queens

Straight from the outer boroughs
by Jerry Del Priore 

Take a stroll through Kew Gardens, and you'll stumble upon places like Tu Casa.

If you enjoy taking walks on lovely sun-kissed days, then you might want to consider strolling through Kew Gardens, a picturesque, tree-lined neighborhood located in Central Queens. The area features charming, single-family Colonials and English and neo-Tudor style homes and co-ops. Kew Gardens is home to a strong, working middle-class population, with a diverse ethnic and religious mix of people who are well represented. Just a 30-minute train ride from Manhattan, Kew Gardens is worth a trip to take in its beauty, and then chow down and throw a few adult beverages back while you're there. 

With that being said, we've come up with a list of splendid places to streamline your dining and drinking excursion when you visit Kew Gardens. 

Make Apartment Living Easier with HomeZada

by Melissa Kravitz                                                                                           ***SPONSORED

Stay organized with HomeZada when you renovate.{credit}

Owning or renting a home is a big responsibility. Unless you're squatting in New York City, it's probably highly likely that there's a good part of each month when you're inundated with rent payments, bills, utility fees, complaints to your landlord, and more.  Most of us can't afford to hire someone to manage our homes while we're managing our lives, but HomeZadaa digital hub of info for your apartment or house, makes living under your own roof a little bit easier.  

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Iconic NYC First Dates: Classy or Cliché?

by Melissa Kravitz

There are so many great first date spots in NYC {credit}

When was the last time a friend told you about a great first date she had on the top of the Empire State Building?  I'm guessing never.  Movies and TV shows have planted ideas in our heads about where first dates should take place, but usually they miss the mark.  Here are four iconic New York date spots –– that might be more suitable for an outing with a longtime companion rather than someone you met last week –– and their less cliché and more idyllic alternatives.

5 NYC Buskers Tell Their Stories; Cute Couture Dogs; Median Rent in SoHo Is $6,650 per Month, and More

by Tracy Kaler

Sing along, why don't you? {credit}

New York City Buskers always have a story. (Laughing Squid)

Uber launches courier service in the Big Apple. (Techcrunch)

If you're a music buff, you won't want to miss these NYC festivals in 2014. (Seatgeek)

Dad lends a hand: A DIY bathroom makeover to die for. (Apartment Therapy)
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