Date Night: French Restaurant Week at Gaby Sofitel

by Tracy Kaler
The interior of Gaby at Sofitel is spacious, comfortable and inviting.
Although I'm not a fan of foie gras, I love a hearty bowl of beef Bourguignon, or a beautiful plate of duck confit. And when I dine out in New York City, I often choose French food, not only because it's a personal favorite, but because it's easy to find good quality French restaurants in many Manhattan neighborhoods.


Why It's OK to Be a New York City Transplant

by Lauren Malamala
If you’re a New York City local but you weren’t born here, you’ve probably heard it at some point – “you’re a transplant,” or “you’re not a real New Yorker.” Yes, a significant chunk of people living in New York didn’t actually grow up in this city. So, what’s so bad about that? Some of NYC's most successful and well-known residents hail from around the world, and it’s this collection of New York City transplants that makes Gotham unique.


Fit 5 Rooms in 340 Square Feet + 16 Texts New Yorkers Get + Where to Eat, Drink and Stay in NYC + More Linkage

by Tracy Kaler
Zoo keeping might be the coolest job in town.
You can fit 5 rooms in 340 square feet. Here's how. {Curbed}

If you heart animals, zoo keeping may be the coolest job in New York. {DNAinfo}

13 essentials for your summer getaway. {The EveryGirl}


Conquer Your Fears

by Tracy Kaler
 To commemorate four years of blogging, I'm sharing a few of my very first posts from TNYL. In 2011, I had a tiny audience with only a handful of readers. Today, Tracy's New York Life continues to grow and reach thousands of fans around the globe. Thank you for reading!

When I made my big move to the even bigger city, I had little time to focus on all the life adjustments I would need to make immediately upon my arrival. I'd have to transition from living in a spacious house to living in 950 square feet with the same cohabitants: my not-so-neat husband, a large, somewhat smelly of a dog, and two high-maintenance felines who enjoy spreading their coats on my fine fabrics. All that was a given. But what about the other adjustments that come with living in New York City? Would I be able to conquer my fears enough to live in a high-rise, ride in an elevator daily, and handle a town of more than eight million people?


Re-energize With These 12 Mid-Day Pick-Me-Ups

by Lauren Malamala
To avoid that mid-day crash, get out into the city for a dose of Vitamin D.
Spending hours at your day job can be tedious, and long hours working in New York City will likely lead to an afternoon slump. Avoid crashing before happy hour by trying some of these quick and easy mid-day pick-me-ups. Your mind and body will thank you.


Favorite Streets: Walking on West 20th in Chelsea

by Tracy Kaler
Every time I find myself walking on West 20th in Chelsea, I'm quickly reminded why it's among my favorite streets in the city. From charming Cushman Row –– a stretch of 1840 Greek Revival row houses on the south side between Ninth and Tenth Avenues –– to the home of the Atlantic Theater Company and St. Peter's Church, this enchanting street is infused with history and culture.
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