Why New York Kicks Chicago's Ass + South Bronx Is the New 'It' Area + Upper East Side Has A Pizza Beach+ More Linkage

by Tracy Kaler
33 reasons New York kicks Chicago's ass. {Time Out}

Tips for a cheezy date. For cheeselovers, of course! {Cheeserank}

The Whitney Museum moves downtown. {The New Yorker}


Carrie Bradshaw Lied: Life as a Single Writer in NYC

by Lauren Malamala
Carrie's life is enviable, but it's also not real. {credit}
A note from Tracy:
I couldn't agree more with Lauren on this post, and she's not alone. On more than one occasion, people have said, "You're a real-life Carrie Bradshaw!" And I usually respond, "Well, not really. I'm a lifestyle writer, not a sex columnist. And I don't have her shoe collection."
No fictional character embodies the idea of “the quintessential single girl in New York” than Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City. Carrie lives in a fabulous Upper East Side studio, frequents the trendiest nightlife spots, dates wealthy men from all over the world, has an amazing writing career, and owns an enormous walk-in closet filled with Manolos. What can we all take away from her enviable life? Answer: There’s a reason why she’s categorized under “fiction.”


5 Best Craft Cocktail Bars in Brooklyn

by Jerry Del Priore
The craft cocktail craze is alive and well in Brooklyn. {via Maison Premiere}
There’s no denying that craft cocktail bars are changing the way New Yorkers drink today. This ever evolving drink movement is in line with the artisan food wave sweeping the city, and is catching on in a big way in Brooklyn.


When and Where to Splurge and Save in NYC

by Lauren Malamala
Even the most basic lifestyle is pricey in Gotham.
Unlike most cities, even the most basic lifestyle in New York is expensive. In order to make ends meet (or at least attempt to), I’ve had to figure out where to scrimp and save in as many areas of my life as possible. Eating at fancy restaurants 24/7 wasn’t on my agenda when I moved to the city, so in no way do I feel like I’m missing out on much. I do, however, treat myself once every blue moon.


Nostalgic Moments: Lynn Goldsmith's 'Streets of New York' at the Morrison Hotel Gallery

by Tracy Kaler
Kevin Bacon 1982  © LYNN GOLDSMITH, 1982
Talk about a throwback. If this exhibit doesn't leave you nostalgic for the music and city of yesteryear, I don't know what will.  Famed photographer Lynn Goldsmith started shooting rock and film legends on the streets of New York City in the 1970s, and more than 40 of her most memorable pieces are currently on exhibit at SoHo's Morrison Hotel Gallery.

'Shop NYC' App: Map Your New York Shopping Experience

SHOP NEW YORK                                               ***SPONSORED
by Lauren Malamala
Getting stuck in a cab on Park Avenue or spending hours on the 6 train during rush hour is inevitable in New York City. Whether you’re heading to work or spending a weekend shopping in a different part of town, mapping out your route beforehand is the most efficient way to navigate, especially when you have more than one stop on your list. What's more, whether you’re a local or a tourist, the last thing you want to do is waste time going back and forth between uptown and downtown Manhattan. Enter "Shop NYC."
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