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Me, Mike and Irene

Bogey and Mimi too.

We are waiting. This feels like the hardest part. The anticipation as Hurricane Irene approaches New York City is nerve-racking to say the least. But I'm kidding myself. This is nothing. The aftermath will be the true test to the toughness of New Yorkers.

Everyone deals with situations differently. My overreactive neurotic tendencies took me to the grocery store twice within 18 hours, and to the Duane Reade three times in 24 hours. Did I get everything that we need? Of course not. So I sent Mike to the Whole Foods for steaks (might as well make the potential last meal a good one), and additional non-perishable items. The store was open all night and closed at 9 a.m. this morning, and will remain closed until after the cane ends.

Yesterday I was so panic-stricken, I showered and forget to wash. But I did remember to shave my legs. How can any sane person do that? I got out of the shower and realized that I was not clean and returned immediately.  I will take my last shower today for God knows how long. This will probably be my last blog post for awhile also. Everyone needs a vacation from cyberspace.

We're in a high-rise building, but on the 8th floor. The higher the floor, the higher the risk, and the stronger the gusts. But chances of flooding are greater on the lower floors. 
I'm hoping that we're at the right spot somewhere in the middle. We're also able to climb up and down eight flights of stairs if needed. Our last apartment was on the 29th floor facing the river.  If we were still living there, we would've been forced to evacuate.

"We need to tape the windows!" I texted Mike last night from an evening out with friends in the East Village. 

Tracy, Matthew, and Heather-Our Wild Night Out on Avenue B
His response was reassuring, "Why? Won't do anything anyway." This morning, a stubborn husband went to the hardware store for an $18.00 roll of tape. Operation tape the windows will begin after 5 p.m. today. This is not to prevent the windows from cracking, but from falling into our apartment. This will be followed by filling our bathtub and pots with as much tap water as possible.

Mimi-Kitty has been hiding under the bed since yesterday. This is how a house cat prepares for a natural disaster. I assured Mimi that her brother would take care of her. If only she knew that Bogey will be nervous himself, and need more attention than usual.  I only hope that he can hold "it" for potentially 15 hours. Bogey has not been trained to wee-wee pads as many city dogs. He is extremely masculine and enjoys his manhood, which includes lifting his leg on all lamp posts, fire hydrants and one time on Heather and Gary's bed. That was an embarrassing moment.
Big Sister Mimi With Little Brother Bogey

Some of my friends are ignoring Irene. Last night, I created stress when I informed them that this is serious business. Turn on the news and listen to what is going on! Go now! Buy water, food, cat food, batteries, a radio, and all other suggested items for an emergency. Did Matthew take my advice?

Matthew Says He is Ready for Irene--Is He?

Mike is napping. This is how a straight, metrosexual man deals with the a life-threatening hurricane. 

Bogey Watching Mike Take His Pre-Hurricane Nap

It's gray, overcast, raining off and on, yet calm before the storm on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. At least someone is remaining calm. 

Irene will not be calm and neither will I.

Stay safe my City of New York.

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