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Nice 'n Easy Does It Every Time

As we age, unfortunately things change color and shift in different directions. I am no different than most other women. My roots are gray –– stubborn icky gray and multiple shades of gray. My head started to turn when I was too young, sadly, I was in my early thirties. My mother is 73 and I swear she has less gray hair than I do. I got the bad gray hair gene card.

I wish I could get my hair colored every three weeks in the salon, but at $90 a pop, that is not happening any time soon –– unless I become a world-famous blogger. For no visible roots, three weeks is really the number for me. So instead of paying a bundle, I march up to the trusty Duane Reade at 88th and Broadway and spend $8.99 on a Clairol touch-up kit. I put on my little rubber gloves, clear a space in my compact NYC bathroom, mix it up and apply. Voila! Just 30 minutes later, I've washed that gray right out of my hair. 

It's not a that big of a deal, but it's a bit of a mess and not so fun to do. And they do a much better job at including all of the hairs at the salon, whereas, on occasion, I miss a few. But at $9 and $90 –– that's a HUGE difference. I am talking single-process and no glaze! And those salon prices don't include drying or styling. 

While living in Manhattan, I treat myself to the salon less and less.  If I lived somewhere else, I'd probably hit the beauty parlor more often since it would be about $40-$50 per touch-up.  But in New York, if I add a haircut on top of the color at $100, (which is cheap in Manhattan), suddenly, I can't pay the cable bill.  That is also ridiculously expensive in New York and never seems to work, thanks to Time Warner. (More on that later.)

So once every few months, I visit my colorist. He does my entire head and makes everything perfect and even again. Nonetheless, just 3-4 weeks later, I need a touch-up and repeat the whole process.

As I sit in my apartment with a plastic I Heart NY grocery bag tied around my head, I long for the day when I no longer need to touch-up my gray locks. But until I hit it big, I will continue to keep my dates every three weeks with Miss Clairol. They don't call it Nice 'n Easy for nothing.

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