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New Yorkers Are Loud, Rude, & Dirty

by Tracy Kaler

Central Park is one of the cleanest parts of NYC.

That's right. 

After looking at twenty US cities, another Travel & Leisure study has put NYC on the dirtiest city map. Apparently, the Big Apple boasts more grit and grime than the other major cities in the survey, moving up the ranks from number five to number one this year. Yippee! New York City is officially the dirtiest city in America. I'm so proud. Just when I thought all of the grit was gone, T & L proves otherwise. 

Some feel that littering consequences should be tougher than huge fines, or even 10 days in jail. I didn't even know that anyone could go to jail for littering in New York City. Maybe the Department of Sanitation should strictly enforce the no littering law on a daily basis. Or maybe, NYC should quit the littering.

On the flip side, building owners can be fined up to $250 between 8 and 9 a.m. and between 6 and 7 p.m. if there's litter on their sidewalk up to 18" from the curb. So the next time you toss a flyer or a used cup of Starbucks, think about that. You may cost your neighbor $250 if they've already left for work, or if they don't get home in time from work to pick it up. Aside from looking nasty and being unhealthy, littering isn't very neighborly either, now is it?

As for the litterbugs (and this includes those who think a mere cigarette butt isn't trash), walk to the corner and toss your garbage in the bin. And if the bin is full, walk across the street to the next one. Don't be lazy. We may not be able to avoid the misconception that we're rude (even though we're not), and we can't change that we're loud (because eight million people are entitled to make a little bit of noise), but we can certainly improve our spot on the dirtiest of the dirty list next year. And by the way, dog poop is litter too.

Seriously, New York, keep it clean

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