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Dear Grom, You Are the Only Gelato for Me

by Tracy Kaler

Tiramisu/Espresso & Cioccoloato/Crema de Grom photo by Andrew Childs
Last week I was unfaithful. I tried the "other" gelato. Shame on me. I should've known.

You're aware of my personal rule when it comes to splurging on unnecessary calories and sweet indulgences: It's gotta be worth it, or don't do it. That's why I always turn to you, and I'm devoted to your never artificial, creamy and intense flavors. Your ingredients are simple, fresh, natural, and often organic. You understand less is more, which is why I love Italian food, respect the slow movement, and cherish your heritage.

I was angry with myself –– I couldn't finish my serving. With every lousy bite, I was betraying you --- my one true gelato love –– can you ever forgive me? I got most of the way through my cup and I felt so guilty, I threw it in a garbage can on Broadway. I've never tossed a partially-eaten frozen dessert in the trash before in my life. 

They "other" gelato's chocolate is boring, almost flavorless, and mundane. It lacks character and intensity. It is, I'm ashamed to admit this, less enjoyable than a cone of American ice cream.

You're not a cheap date either Grom, but I'm never disappointed after I've enjoyed your company for approximately 15 minutes. A little bit of you goes a long way, and you always keeps me wanting more. I should've known when I tasted the overdone, complicated "Carrot Cake" from the other gelato brand. It wasn't for me. 

Next time, I'll listen to my inner gelato voice and ignore the signs that read "Screme." Because Grom, you are the only gelato I need. 

Your Stracciatella is one of the most heavenly desserts I've every tasted with fresh cream and chunks of Chocolate Teyuna. I could eat a cup daily, but I try to refrain from my addiction. I miss you Grom!

A few days ago, I needed you and I couldn't resist. In no time though, you were gone, leaving nothing but a sticky glass and a memory of how delicious you were. 
Grom gelato--gone in minutes
And in case you didn't know already, I'm far from a child but I smile while eating your gelato too. I guess you have that effect on everyone.

Until next time,
Your #1 fan

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