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5 Solutions to Solve Your Winter Wardrobe Blues

by Ashley Pagliaro

With wind chill, temperatures have been in the single digits in NYC--by Labec Media via Flickr

I can probably speak for everyone when I say that at this point in the winter, we've officially had enough cold weather. Especially when the average high this past week in New York City was about 23 degrees, but with the wind chill, it felt like single digits.

Dressing for arctic temperatures can be quite a nuisance, but dressing for winter when you've run out of exciting options is pretty much the worst. It's not likely that you'll buy anything new because it's much more worthwhile to invest in what's queued up for spring. 

And so the question remains: How can we possibly rejuvenate our NY winter wardrobes? Tracy’s New York Life has five solutions for solving your winter wardrobe blues. 

1. Add color with accessories
Break up your otherwise black and grey wardrobe with a bright colored accessory. You may not feel quite ready to wear those purple brocade pants you’ve been saving for spring, but you can easily phase in a chic satchel like this red one by the Cambridge Satchel Company. Still too much? Neon has been quite a hit this year -- incorporate it into your winter look with this ASOS Neon Rib Boyfriend Knit Beanie in Bright Pink. 

Neon rib beanie from ASOS

2. Color coat
Wear your longing for spring on your sleeves, literally. A bold colored coat will set you apart from those who are still living in the winter doldrums while offering a splash that will easily match the rest of your ensemble. Try this Carven Colour-Blocked Cotton Coat in Cobalt on for size. We promise it will erase your SAD.

Carven Color Block Coat from Farfetch

3. Patterned tights
While making every effort to foster a spring atmosphere, we're all aware that it's not spring --- for that reason we still need to wear tights. Personally, I’m not quite ready to expose my pasty bare legs yet either. But instead of wearing variations of black, grey and brown, brighten things up a bit with something different, like these Kensie Chevron Pattern Tights. Shades of blue and purple are sure to spice up the dullest outfit.

Kensie tights from Nordstrom

4. Take that long overdue trip to the tailor
We all have skirts, blouses and pairs of pants hidden in the depths of our closets, longing for a trip to the tailor. Maybe they’re missing a button or simply in need of a hem. With minor adjustments and the help of one of NYC’s finest tailors such as Madame Paulette or Ramón Diaz, these long lost looks will be prepared for an appearance outside of the closet.

5. Host a clothing swap party
The depths of winter may not be the ideal time to purchase a new wardrobe, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t temporarily barter for new ensembles with your friends. We have no doubt --- they're  just as desperate for wardrobe rejuvenation as you are. 

Host a party in your apartment for your most stylish pals, inviting them to bring clothing, accessories, shoes and whatever else is collecting cobwebs in their closets. In the midst of drinking hot totties and trying fresh new looks, you’ll forget it’s winter altogether!

Is spring around the corner?

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