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Winter Wonderland in the Big Apple

by Tracy Kaler

Nemo hit New York City this past weekend, but for the most part we were spared the several feet that some of our neighbors received. Regardless of the dirty after-effects of a snowstorm in town, there's a short period of time when the white fluffy blanket covering much of Manhattan is poetic, magical, and dream-like. 

I love visiting a wintry Central Park, or walking through the streets where bare snow-covered trees line the city blocks, and rows of brownstones in the background are more picturesque than other days.

Children and dogs flocked to Central Park with their parents to sled and romp until it was time for the the sun to set. This was NYC's first major snow in more than two years and it was a great one. Until next time, we have the winter wonderland in pictures.

Photo by Scott McCulley
Photo by Scott McCulley

Photo by Scott McCulley


Zella said...

Oh how my heart aches looking at these pictures -- I will miss New York for the rest of my life. So cruel that one has no chance of getting a Visa to a place that feels more than one's own country of birth. You lucky, lucky New Yorkers :)

tracy kaler said...

It sounds like NYC stole your heart in the same way it stole mine. Don't give up --there are many opportunities here and you may one day be able to get a job and move.

New Yorkers are very lucky to live in such a fantastic city and should never take it for granted!

Anonymous said...

Feels so weird that someone really likes snow and that it creates so many problems.
As we have snow for like 6 months of the year it really gets annoying :D
Not to mention it's really dark for most of the day during winter. Can't imagine why anyone would enjoy that :D

tracy kaler said...

I don't enjoy snow too much other places, honestly. But in NYC, I don't have to clean my car or shovel it out and I don't have to drive in it. It's the perfect place to enjoy the snow for the beauty, which unfortunately only lasts a short time.

If I lived elsewhere, I'd hate it. But here, there is nothing more lovely than fresh snow in Central Park. It's like winter paradise.

My dog also loves it and part of the enjoyment is watching him romp through it. :)

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