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Workin' the Work Crush: A Perpetual NYC Dilemma

by Liz Magee

What happens when he becomes more than eye candy at work?  --credit

Many a single lady living and working in New York City is guilty of having a work crush. Now, there are many different variations of a “work crush.” It could merely be a bit of eye candy to help us get through a long day. Or perhaps you find yourself extra jittery from sharing an intimate elevator ride with the guy who works a few floors above you. Turns out he watches the same shows on the Food Network that you do! Score. Or you blush when the guy from three desks down emails you that YouTube video where that cat is dressed up as a shark and is riding around on Roomba chasing that baby duck.

What happens when the work crush goes beyond a lingering stare or a friendly exchange of “how was your weekend?” as you both clock in? Or when you begin to coordinate lunch breaks? Or when you end up at his place after one too many margaritas at a happy hour? (Hey, no judgments here; it happens…) Yes, I’ve stated this before, but it is worth reiterating; it is exceptionally hard to meet people in New York City. The task of “keeping things professional” is that much harder when you click with a coworker.

Hey, no judgments here. Anything can happen after the right amount of margaritas.--credit

That “click” is a rare, extraordinary occurrence that shouldn’t necessarily be ignored; yet you don’t want to jeopardize anybody’s position at the work place and start drama. Some thrive on being the subject of work gossip, but for the most part, nobody wants their private life on display and discussed when on the job. It’s risky business for both parties involved.

A friend of mine would mention a work crush she had, more and more frequently as time progressed. It started as minor details, “This guy I work with is super cute and dresses well,” and eventually evolved into details about his family, current living situation and taste in music. It later became obvious that the feeling was mutual when he began lingering in her office well after hours, and eventually asked her out on a date.

The date was delightful. Far from perfect, but delightful nonetheless. He secured tickets (a significantly sweet gesture, since this required him to wait outside in line from 8 a.m. until noon) to see Shakespeare in the Park's Comedy of Errors. For those of you who are unfamiliar, seeing Shakespeare in the Park is a rather romantic first date. It’s got it all; the poetic prose of Shakespeare, the backdrop of Central Park- arguably one of the most romantic places in the entire world, and it’s BYOB.

Shakespeare in the Park is arguably one of the most romantic first dates. -- photo by Melissa Kravitz

Here’s where he lost a few points: he brought along some Franzia box wine. A choice in wine sometimes separates the men from the boys. Anybody who has ever been to a house party while enrolled in a college or university knows and understands that Franzia box wine is a fine purchase if you are seeking a beverage that is barely drinkable and comes along with a guaranteed headache that will last for roughly 48 hours. Despite this decision of his, my friend was appreciative of this entire experience. She loved the show and enjoyed getting to know this guy outside of his work persona. 

A choice of wine can say it all .--credit

Dating is so important. Going on dates is imperative to seeing how your perceptive suitor handles himself in various social situations. He could have an amiable, approachable presence at work, but be a bit too obnoxious for your taste at a Mets game.  He could be quiet and reserved at work, but be totally ready and willing to open up when you’re at his apartment watching that documentary on Netflix that so-and-so had recommended. Yes, there are risks involved when getting involved with a coworker intimately, but it just might be worth the risk. You’ll never know otherwise.

It’s imperative to see your suitor in as many different social situations as possible. A sporting event is one of the most telling --credit

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