Statue of Liberty Reopens; the $20 Veggie Burger; New York Men without Shirts; and More

by Tracy Kaler

The Statue of Liberty is now open after closing for 12 days because of the government shutdown.

The Statue of Liberty is open for business and the State of NY picks up the tab. (FOX6Now)

7th Annual Honk NYC brings bands to the streets this week with a parade kickoff today in Brooklyn! (Laughing Squid)

ABC-123: There's a $20 veggie burger in NYC? Yes, there is. (NY Eater)

My neighbor and comedian, Joy Behar sells her Upper West Side co-op. Is she leaving the neighborhood? (NY Observer)

There's nothing like a fall road trip(My Style Pill)

If you missed Brooklyn Pour, get the wrap-up here. (Village Voice)

We've heard about topless women, but now shirtless men are stealing the spotlight. (Lifestyle Mirror)

Where are the best bars in New York City? Check out this map to find out. (Business Insider)

Central Park –– Don't you love fall color?--credit

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