Fit Big Veggies into Tiny New York Kitchens; Legalize Marijuana; 2014 Real Estate Forecast, and More

by Tracy Kaler
Which do you prefer, London or New York?--credit
A New York girl goes home to London yet desperately misses NYC. (New York Notebook)

New York kitchens are small. Is yours big enough for one more carrot? (Cityroom Blogs)

It may be chilly in New York City, but there's lots to do in January. (Used York City)

Brooklyn boomed over the past 10 years as Manhattanites changed boroughs. (amNY)

Will marijuana be legalized in New York? Time will tell. (Business Insider)

New York women wear down coats with hoods fashionably in the snow. (NY Times)

50 things to do in the Bronx in 2014 (Bronx Mama)

The 2014 real estate forecast for New York  (BrickUnderground)

Manhattan isn't the only borough to be in when it snows. Look at these pretty pictures of Astoria

Go to Brooklyn and eat at these restaurants right now.

Sledding in Astoria Park--credit

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Rose ~ from Oz said...

Stay warm in your down coat Tracy - been watching the news reports on your arctic blast! The images cool me down as yet another dreary day of heatwave embraces us over here!
New year greetings and may your website continue to thrive!

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